Tuesday, September 06, 2005


Katrina………….what to say…………………..what hasn’t been said? It is amazing how ridiculous people get when there is a crisis on our hands, blaming anyone and everyone in site, turning everything into a bout of discrimination against a certain race or class of people. THIS WAS A NATURAL DISASTER. People make things so complicated. Yes, this was avoidable, the levies and pumps could have been and should have been fixed, but if they said they were raising your taxes to make the necessary repairs would you have graciously obliged? Now that they have broken who do you blame? The government? You were strongly advised to evacuate in fear of this possible disaster. However, you choose to stay possibly due to lack of means to evacuate, pure stubbornness, or possibly “wolf” had been cried far to many times. Now you blame the government for not coming to get you sooner, but yet you shoot at them when they try to save you. Is it just me or does this not make any sense? Had this whole hurricane blown over and been nothing you would have blamed the news media for being incorrect about the severity of the circumstances. How about the fact that you live 6’ below sea level, does that factor in to the choice to choose where you live at all? I recall a national geographic article I read a few years back depicting the exact circumstances that have transpired.

This whole ordeal has been a tragic and devastating one. Do we really need to react by pointing fingers, fighting, and hurting the ones around us? I cannot even begin to fathom the lose these people have endured. I feel so ashamed for those who have turned this horrific event into something worse.


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