Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Truckin Along

Tonight, Eric and I will spend out last night in our apartment.  We bid farewell to D-town and hello to a new townhouse in Jamison. We are both so sick of packing and cleaning. It will be so nice to relax in our new home!

So on to the wedding plans………..for all those interested I have found my dress…….I think  . Friday my friend Megan (who gets married Sept. 10th), my mother, and I all took a trip to Allentown to go dress shopping. For future reference DO NOT go to David’s Bridal in Allentown, they are horrible. They have horrible service and they are so rude and ridiculous. Jon’s Bridal is where I found my dress its so different, unique, gorgeous. You will all see it in due time  Anyway that is about all they is going on in life right now. I will be posting the pics from Megan’s Bachlorette party up as soon as they are developed!


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