Thursday, July 21, 2005

When is it time to call it quits?

Ok so last night I received this call from a concerned friend asking my advice and in turn, I am asking yours because I am not really quite sure how to answer her. So her boyfriend and her live together and they are getting married less than a month. They are very happy together, from what I can see they look quite content I mean you never know what is going on behind closed doors, but they look and seem happy.

So he travels every know and then for work usually over a long weekend, sometimes she goes, but with their wedding fast approaching she has been so busy she hasn’t been able to go with him. Recently he went away for a business meeting, when he returned there was this message from a girl my friend did not know. A breezy message not really much of anything, but there was innocent flirtation in the message and she said in the message “sorry we didn’t get to chat or hangout much, but where is your next meeting maybe we can meet up.”

My friend’s response to this was obvious jealousness why had she never heard about this woman before and why is he hanging out with her on his business trips. In the message, she recalls a “funny story” from his last business trip where this woman was.

They also have both use the same computer, their screenames are linked together, and there was this message from girls she did not know. It just said hey nothing serious, but still. Therefore, she is wondering if she should be panicking about these girls coming out of the woodwork or if it is just something she is blowing out of proportion.

My Advice: Confront him simply explain how you came across the information and tell him you are concerned, so close to your wedding, you are not sure if you are just freaking out or reading into all this. If he does say there is some truth to these accusations than you need to deal with that accordingly and no one can tell you how to handle it is has to come from your heart. The two of you need to just get it all out in the open and clear all of the confusion.


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