Monday, June 13, 2005

I just need you to know

I don't agree with what you are doing. You are 22 grow up! You have a baby a beautiful 2 year old daughter that you neglect becasue you are too busy chasing around this 20 year old guy who treats you like shit. He cheats on you, tells you that you are worthless. This guys is pathetic you and your daughter deserve more.

You need to realize you choose to bring this little girl into the world and she needs a mother. You gave up the right to go out and party everynight, smoke pot all the time, live out of your car, and sleep around. You have the welbeing of your daughter to worry about. She did not asked to be brought into this world. It is not her fault her father left. Stop taking it out on her she is 2 she doesn't know. Stop cursing at her, stop spanking her for nothing.

Everyone has to work hard i work 10-14 hrs a day stop complaining. These are the things you need to do to survive. Stop spending a $100 a week on pot and maybe you would have the money to buy food. Stop yelling at your daughter because you can't go to the keg party. Its not her fault. Save you money stop blowing it so you can get out of the situation you are in now.

I can't keep bailing you out, i can't keep sending you money to pay you bills because you electric was turned off or your phone. I am trying to buy a house and pay for a wedding. I am growing up and moving on with my life you need to relaize that. I can't drop everything and come down for the weekend anymore. I have responcibilities and so do you its time to take care of them. I know you are sad and lonely, but i can't feel sorry for you anymore. You have been living in that house with him for 2 months with him telling you everyday i hate you we are over i don't want you here anymore but you stay because you say you have no where to go, but yet you don't figure out how to get out. I have been listening to the same bullshit for 5 years now and nothing is changing. Its the same drama just a different guy a different place. I can't help you if you won't help yourself.


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