Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Guys wonder why the are stereotyped

So last night my fiancé, my soon to be sister in law, a few of her friends, and I all wondered over to a great little place in town the mosquito grille. (Caution to anyone planning to go hangout at the bar the air conditioner is broken) My sissy in law just ended a 4-year relationship and needless to say she is going through and emotional time………..ya know nothing a few cold beers on a hot as hell night can’t fix. Her and I spent a few hours sitting at the bar having a much needed long girl talk! Being a little intoxicated, she informed me she had been messing around with the bartender. He was explaining to her how he came about to have this crazy mock Mohawk on his head. She was enjoying her new friend and the joys of single life.

After quite a lot of flirting and a few more beers, Mr. Bartender’s girlfriend showed up. Infuriated by his new hairstyle she screamed at him and then left angry. Mr. Bartender brushes the encounter off and proceeds flirting with my sister in law. She being a little oblivious to the recent events enjoys the attention of a new man. Not realizing that this guy is trying to pick her up. As we are leaving, he follows her out cornering her and chatting away, as we stand outside waiting for her to come join us in our walk home. They talked for about five more minutes or so and then he tried to get her number. My fiancé stood outside quite annoyed at the fact this guy HAS A GIRLFRIEND, he was no good for his sister. Jokingly I immediately turned to my soon to be hubby and informed him this incident is why females brand males DOGS!!!!!


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